The Carter Immunology Center (CIC) occupies most of the top two floors of the recently built Carter-Harrison Research Building (MR6).  The CIC research space adjoins other buildings in the UVA Health System, so the sense of a scientific community is very strong.  These modern laboratory facilities provide an outstanding environment for conducting cutting edge research in immunology.  The CIC floorplan comprises about 23,000 ft. sq. of space – allowing for a large laboratory faclities, extensive common equipment rooms, and administrative and conference space.

The CIC maintains extensive shared instrumentation to assist Center Members in their research.   Ultimately these spaces are setup for the immediate use of resident CIC faculty members but they are also available to all CIC members. Each member PI using these shared spaces should insure they communicate with the CIC Business Office and inform them of their planned usage or need. This is to insure that space is available, that procedures for usage are understood and that notifications are provided. The CIC will make every effort to post procedures on our website or in the locations of shared areas/equipment but is not responsible for any failure or loss to any items due to general malfunction of area beyond our control.

Detailed information or contact information for each shared is provided below.

Cold Room & Freezer

These room are assigned and shared by resident faculty labs based on current research needs and are adjusted as applicable. More

Dishwash and Autoclave

Diana Buttner manages this facility and provides part-time assistance to CIC resident labs in their basic washing needs based on current research levels.

CIC Conference Room 

Users who would like to know more information about these rooms should contact Shawn Wood for availability and booking

MR6 Classrooms

Users who would like to know more information about these rooms should contact Shawn Wood for availability and booking

Imaris Microscopy Image Analysis Software ­ – Under the direction of the Engelhard lab. Imaris is the world’s leading Interactive Microscopy Image Analysis software company, actively shaping the way microscopic images are processed through constant innovation and a clear focus on 3D and 4D imaging

Responsibility of Shared Space

The responsibility for the maintenance, upkeep, monitoring, and running of shared space rests with all CIC faculty. For example, it is expected that all shared facilities and equipment spaces are left clean and functional. All items stored in shared areas are clearly marked with lab name and contact info. If problems arise with the unsupervised shared spaces, please discuss with the Center COO.

In the supervised shared spaces, the principal investigator assigned to oversee the operation of the space has the authority to create rules and regulations that pertain to the usage of the shared space, as they see fit, to guarantee that the integrity of the space remains intact.

These rules and regulations can be but are not limited to: experimental techniques to be used in the space, training required, monitoring the access to the shared space, requiring reservation and signing in of the space and disciplinary actions associated with improper usage of the space. Each PI supervising a shared facility will provide a set of written rules that will be reviewed and posted accordingly.

Conflict Resolution

Any conflict that arises from the usage of CIC Shared Facilities should be resolved between the complaining party and the principal investigator assigned to monitor the space. If a resolution is unattainable by this procedure then a formal request for a conflict resolution can be submitted to the COO of the Center.