Additional Specialized Coursework

Many trainees elect to take additional modules, depending on their interests and degree requirements. This coursework is chosen in consultation with the trainee’s thesis advisor and the training program Research Advisory Committee. For example, students interested in immunity to infection usually take MICR 8400/8401 (Molecular Principles of Bacteriology and Virology/Microbial Pathogenesis) in Spring Y1 or in Y2. Students interested in immunity to Cancer usually take MICR 8040/8044 (Fundamentals in Cancer Biology/Cancer Signaling and Therapeutics). Students whose work involves bioinformatics, genomics, or big data can avail themselves of Introduction to Biomedical Data Science (BIMS 8382), Bioinformatics and Functional Analysis of Genomes (BIOC 8145), or Systems Bioengineering and Multi-Scale Models (BME 8315), or they may elect to take programming and big data analysis workshops offered by the Health Sciences Library or the PhD Plus Program.