PATH 8300: Tumors and the Immune System

PATH 8300 focuses on the dynamic interaction between the immune system and cancer. The course teaches how the immune response can contribute to the initiation and progression of cancer, yet paradoxically also play a fundamental role in constraining tumor outgrowth. The course explores the contributions of various immune cellular subsets to cancer progression and control, and delineates mechanisms by which immune effector cells recognize and control tumors, and the escape mechanisms used by tumors to ultimately evade immune-mediated control. Students are provided a context to consider and evaluate the use of cutting-edge technologies (single cell RNAseq; CyTOF; metabolic activity; ATAC seq and epigenetics; 2 photon imaging) that are being deployed in tumor immunology.  The class involves presentation and analysis of classic and contemporary literature and the development of class-wide activities to promote deeper yet integrated understanding of the processes being studied.