The Summer Trainee Journal Club provides continuity to the Immunology Training Program by bridging the gap between the spring and fall semesters during which Research in Progress and many other seminars are not held. Each week a trainee selects a broad-interest article from a high-impact journal in the field of immunology and gives a 45-minute presentation, providing background information, explaining the methods and models, describing and critique results and figures, and drawing conclusions from the study. Attendees complete evaluation forms to provide helpful feedback to the presenter so that he/she can continue to improve his/her presentation skills. Active participation and dialogue is encouraged throughout the presentation to allow other trainees to ask questions and critique the methods and science of the study.

The purpose of the journal club is to: 1) provide training in various forms of communication, giving presentations and critically reviewing journal articles in a low-stress environment; 2) coach trainees on posing questions in a seminar forum and promote their confidence to continue this practice in other seminars; 3) keep trainees current on the latest discoveries and findings in the field of immunology and deliberate the implications of these findings; and 4) promote networking and collaborations among trainees.