Program Overview

The Immunology Training Program recruits highly competitive graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and provides them with a rich and nurturing training environment that endows them with the knowledge and skills to pursue careers as creative independent research scientists in academic, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology settings. We insist that research be carried out rigorously by trainees who are intellectually equipped to define and address important questions in basic and clinical Immunology.

We believe that the best Immunology training environment transcends departmental boundaries through program specific activities, including didactic courses, Research-in-Progress, journal clubs, seminars and symposia, and Research Advisory Committees. These promote trainees interacting to learn from one another, and promote mentor cooperativity in overseeing trainee performance and progress. We expose trainees to career development activities that enable them to explore alternative career paths. To maintain its vibrancy, the Immunology Training Program is committed to constant evaluation by trainees as well as faculty, and frequent infusion of new people and ideas.