COVID VOLUNTEER UPDATE!! – Phase II. At this stage, select graduate students, second, third, and fourth year undergraduate students can return, following research ramp up guidelines. For summer, a student who has finished the first year of their college career is now a 2nd year, whereas a recently graduate high school student would be an incoming 1st year and not eligible to access the labs.

See the guidelines and process here Once completed and approved then you may process the volunteer form following the below information.

UVA students that are volunteering for credit do not require a volunteer form at all but must adhere to COVID and Health Screening requirements.

Existing UVA students also require the health screening and should be a much easier/quicker process for them to get approved.

Note: International volunteers require 60 days advanced notice and US volunteers require 30 days advanced notice.

Please have volunteer fill out 1-6 on the volunteer form and sign. Sponsoring lab fills out the rest of the form as applicable and has PI sign. Paul can sign for PI and as dept administrator.

You can find the SOM volunteer form here. Correct document is “Volunteer in Research Form” towards the top of the page.

Once completed with signature, provide to Paul Orange, 434-243-9442,, and he will secure SOM approvals and send an approved copy to the volunteer along with instructions on completing their checks.

Important: UVA SOM now requires Health Screening and Background Checks for all external volunteers. Volunteers MAY NOT begin their volunteer work until the health screening and background checks are completed. It is the responsibility of the sponsor (lab) to ensure that the volunteer does not begin any volunteer work until both checks are successfully completed.