• Goal: To increase the level of collaborative Immunology research among members of the Carter Immunology Center; bring together individuals and laboratories with complementary skills and perspectives; encourage the development of multi-investigator awards, which generally have higher budgets and more comprehensive scope of research activities; and to drive high quality science and encourage its translation into treatments for disease.
  • Funding level: $75,000 is the maximum for 1 year, with the possibility of an additional year depending on progress, and in consideration of other new applications received. This is a level that will sustain a significant and meaningful research effort by multiple personnel in at least 2 labs. It is also meant to encourage more comprehensive and well-developed proposals that will have a higher likelihood of success, and minimize “flyer” proposals with limited scope. In keeping with this, a condition of the award is that it also be submitted as an NIH R21 application at one of the next two submission deadlines (i.e., June 15th or Oct 15th). To facilitate making this happen, the format for the application should follow that of the R21 application, using the form below. Other private funding sources may also be appropriate, but should be discussed with me in advance. It is also possible that projects that are more mature may be appropriate for R01 application. Reviewers are encouraged to evaluate these applications as though they were on a study section reviewing R21s, and we expect that the proposal we fund will be competitive when they are submitted. The program has an excellent track record in this regard.
  • Eligibility: In previous years. we stipulated that at least one member of the team must be a CIC Resident Faculty member.  For 2020, we are removing that restriction.  Thus, applications can be initiated by any 2 (or more) CIC Faculty members.  However, at least two CIC Faculty must be designated Co-PIs and must demonstrate a comparable level of laboratory effort and involvement in the proposed work.
  • Deadline: The deadline for submission of applications is noon on March 30th. Applications will be reviewed by a committee made up of both resident and non-resident members based on the areas of research covered. I anticipate that funds will be awarded as early as April 15. Two awards will be made this year.

CIC Collaborative Research Proposal Application form