James C Zimring


Primary Appointment

, Pathology


  • BS, Emory University
  • MD, Emory University
  • PhD, Emory University

Research Disciplines

Experimental Pathology, Immunology, Metabolism, Microbiology

Research Interests

Alloimmunity in Transfusion and Transplantation , Oxidant Stress Biology in Health and Disease

Research Description

Alloimmunity in Transfusion and Transplantation , Oxidant Stress Biology in Health and Disease


  • Interdisciplinary Training Program in Immunology

Selected Publications


Dziewulska, K. H., Reisz, J. A., Hay, A. M., D'Alessandro, A., & Zimring, J. C. (2023). Hemolysis and Metabolic Lesion of G6PD Deficient RBCs in Response to Dapsone Hydroxylamine in a Humanized Mouse Model. JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS, 386(3), 323-330. doi:10.1124/jpet.123.001634

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