Nadia Holness from Ewald Lab Awarded Gilliam Fellowship Award

Nadia Holness – left, Sarah Ewald – right

The Gilliam Fellowship grant, which is awarded to the student-adviser pair, signals two important things.  One, Nadia Holness will be a leader in science committed to advancing diversity and inclusion.  And two, Sarah Ewald and University of Virginia School of Medicine are committed to creating an inclusive and effective training environment and ensuring a healthy academic scientific ecosystem for all members, including students, postdocs and early career faculty.

This year, the HHMI received 292 completed applications. These were reviewed by panels of distinguished scientists and leaders in graduate education and student training.  The reviewers were asked to evaluate the applications using two criteria: (i) the scientific and leadership promise of the student, and (ii) the quality of and commitment to inclusive mentorship by the adviser and institution.  After careful consideration of the recommendations of the reviewers, we are proposing to HHMI leadership 51 awards in 2022.  HHMI made a public announcement of the awards July 28, 2022. Click here for more info, and to view Nadia and all the other awardees.

Congratulations Nadia!!