Dr. Thomas J. Braciale was a globally recognized authority in the field of immunology, holding a professorship at the University of Virginia (UVA) for over three decades, and serving as the founding director of the Beirne B. Carter Center for Immunology Research (CIC). His work in the areas of T cells, dendritic cells, and respiratory immunity established him as an impactful leader in immunological research. Throughout his career, he remained committed to education, imparting knowledge to undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral fellows and medical students.

Not only was Dr. Braciale an extraordinary researcher, but he was also an inspiring mentor, guiding numerous students and fellows to become accomplished researchers in diverse immunology fields. As a leader within the UVA Immunology community, he cultivated a collaborative and groundbreaking atmosphere that has continuously driven the progress of immunology research at UVA.

In honor of Dr. Braciale’s legacy, we aim to establish the Thomas J. Braciale Scholarship Fund for undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences. This fund will provide support for aspiring students pursuing careers in the biological sciences who, like Tom, were the first in their families to attend college. This scholarship will be a testament to Tom’s passion for education and research. The funds raised will be exclusively utilized to continue nurturing the scholarly pursuit and research passion that Dr. Braciale so highly valued.

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