Fall 2018

Sept. 26Stephanie Melchor
Ewald Lab
title: “Toxoplasma gondii induces IL-1 dependent cachexia and liver fibrosis in mice.”
Oct. 3Maura Belanger
Pompano Lab
title: “Staining of primary splenocytes with bright blue fluorescent boron-based nanoparticles”
Oct. 10Michael Schappe
Desai Lab
title: “Corpses for Charon: regulation of phagosome maturation during apoptotic cell clearance”
Oct. 17Oscar Onyema
Krupnick Lab
title: “Downregulation of Alloimmunity by Eosinophils as a Unique Method of Immunosuppression for the Lung Allograft”
Oct.24Jeffrey Wilson
Platts-Mills Lab
title: “Clinical and epidemiologic investigations into the α-Gal syndrome: insights into IgE sensitization to galactose-α-1,3-galactose and implications beyond food allergy?”
Oct.31Aaron Stevens
Bullock Lab
title: “Vaccination controls tumor growth through in situ modulation of T cells”
Nov. 7Awndre Gamache
Brown Lab
title: “Self-awareness drives NK cell activation and host resistance to murine cytomegalovirus infection”
Nov.14Robin Lindsay
Engelhard Lab
title: “Do innate immune cells alter T cell presence within the tumor microenvironment?”
Nov. 28Jake Eccles
Woodfolk Lab
title: “Human Rhinovirus Infection Highlights B-cell Effector Memory”
Dec. 5Aditi Upadhye
McNamara Lab
title: “Chemokine receptor regulation of B-1 cell natural antibody production”Aditi Upadhye
McNamara Lab
title: “Chemokine receptor regulation of B-1 cell natural antibody production”
Dec. 12Jelena Medved
Luckey Lab
title: “Pou6f1 – A Novel Regulator of Immune Memory“

Spring 2019

Jan. 16Anthony Rodriguez
Engelhard Lab: "Adaptive and innate immunity polarize cancer-associated fibroblasts into organizer cells that orchestrate tumor-associated tertiary lymphoid structure formation"
Jan. 23Bocheng Yin
Ewald Lab: "Proteomic study on various interesting micro-structures aided by precise spatial labeling"
Jan. 30Jhansi Leslie
Petri Lab: "Unraveling the Role of Histo-Blood Group Antigens in Susceptibility to Gastrointestinal Pathogens"
Feb. 6Abhinav Arneja
Luckey Lab: "Cytokine signaling regulation of memory CD8+ T lymphocyte homeostatic self-renewal"
Feb. 27Marit Melssen Engelhard/Slingluff Lab "Integrin expression on tumor infiltrating CD8 T cells affects differentiation state and functional capacity"
Mar. 6Claire Rosean
Rutkowski Lab: "Commensal dysbiosis enhances breast cancer dissemination and promotes resistance to immunotherapy"
Mar. 13Xiaoyu Zhao
Ewald Lab: "The inflammatory caspase response to Toxoplasma gondii infection in BMDCs"
Mar. 20Morgan Simpson
Petri Lab: "Investigating the Role of TLR2 Signaling in Exacerbation of Clostridium difficile Colitis"
Mar. 27Amanda Lulu
Engelhard Lab: "Investigating the basis for pre-existing immune memory in healthy individuals to cancer-associated phosphopeptides"
Apr. 3Andrea Daamen
Bender Lab: "c-Myb is critical for maintenance of glucose metabolism and proliferation across the pre-BCR checkpoint"
Apr. 10Marissa Gonzales
Bullock Lab: "Manipulating mitochondria to improve tumor infiltrating lymphocyte function"
Apr. 17Tzu-Yu Feng
Rutkowski Lab: "Elucidating the role of gut commensal dysbiosis during the promotion of metastatic breast cancer"
Apr. 24Iker Etchegaray
Ravichandran Lab: ""Insulin, a new role in retinal homeostasis and disease?"
May 15Philip Seegren
Desai Lab: "Mitochondrial Ca2+ as a bio-energetic switch during inflammation and host defense"
May 22Allie Donlan
Petri Lab: "Downstream Mediators of Type 2 Immunity in C. Difficile infection"
Maureen Cowan
Harris Lab: "A Role for Microglial STAT1 Signaling in Controlling Cerebral Toxoplasmosis"
May 29Jack Cronk
Brown Lab: "Allele-specific CRISPR-editing reveals protective role of inhibitory receptor in host resistance to virus infection"
Anupam Prakash
Luckey Lab: "Role of STAT6 in RBC alloimmunization"