Fall 2021

9/15/21Speaker: Tanyaporn "Oom" Pattarabanjird
Lab: McNamara
Title: CD24 promotes human B cell CCR6-mediated splenic trafficking and IgM production, limiting vascular inflammation and coronary artery disease severity
9/22/21Speaker: Anupam Prakash
Lab: Chance "John" Luckey
Title: Role of STAT6 in RBC Alloimmunization
9/29/21Speaker: Katarzyna Stasiak
Lab: Victor Engelhard
Title: Evaluating the poor immunogenicity against intracranial melanomas
10/6/21Speaker: Naomi Bryant
Lab: Judith Woodfolk
Title: Defining the Role of CCR5+ T cells in the Pathogenesis of Asthma
10/13/21Speaker: Abhinav Arneja
Lab: Chance "John" Luckey
Title: Role of splenic marginal zone macrophages and LXR transcription factors in RBC alloimmunization
10/20/21Speaker: Jhansi Leslie
Lab: William Petri
Title: Determining the Effect of Diet on a Vaccine Candidate for Entamoeba histolytica Infection
11/3/21Speaker: Aimee Potter
Lab: Alison Criss
Title: Dual species transcriptomics reveals core metabolic and immunologic processes during Neisseria gonorrhoea induced neutrophilic inflammation
11/10/21Speaker: Morgan Simpson
Lab: William Petri
Title: The Contribution of TLR2 Signaling and Clostridioidies difficile Binary Toxin to Exacerbation of C. difficile Infection
11/17/21Speaker: Karolina Dziewulska
Lab: James Zimring
Title: Determining the Molecular and Cellular Basis of Drug-induced Damage of G6PD-deficient RBC’s with a Novel Murine Model
12/1/21Speaker: Lydia Petricca and Isaac Babcock
Lab: Bullock/Price/Harris
Title: Targeting Immunosuppression for Enhanced Focused Ultrasound Efficacy in Triple Negative Breast Cancer & the Role of Adaptive Immunity-Lydia, The Role of Caspase 1 in Microglia During Toxoplasma gondii Brain Infection-Isaac
12/8/21Speaker: Carly Van Wagoner
Lab: Michael Elliot
Title: Complement-dependent phagocytosis as a regulator of mAb-mediated cellular cytotoxicity
12/15/21Speaker: Marissa Gonzales
Lab: Timothy Bullock
Title: Manipulating Metabolism to improve CD8 T Cell Function


2/2/22Speaker: Mirna Perusina-Lanfranca
Lab: Victor Engelhard
Title: Homing Receptor Ligand Expression in Melanoma-Associated Endothelial Cells
2/9/22Speaker: Chaofan Li
Lab: Jie Sun
Title: CD8+ T cell heterogeneity and lung pathogenesis following viral infection
2/16/22Speaker: Bibo Zhu
Lab: Jie Sun
Title: Simultaneously targeting hyperinflammation and hyperglycemia following respiratory viral infection
2/23/22Speaker: Samantha Lempke
Lab: Sarah Ewald
Title: How do interferon-y regulated restriction mechanisms detect and target Toxoplasma gondii?
3/2/22Speaker: Tzu-Yu Feng
Lab: Melanie Rutkowski
Title: Reciprocal interactions between the gut microbiome and mammary tissue microenvironment promote metastatic dissemination of HR+ breast cancer

3/9/22Speaker: Xiaoyu Zhao
Lab: Sarah Ewald
Title: Inducible nitric oxide synthase is recruited to GBP2-targeted Toxoplasma gondii vacuoles and mediates parasite killing in murine myeloid cells
3/16/22Speaker: Alexandra Donlan
Lab: William Petri
Title: IL-13 is a driver of severe COVID-19
3/23/22Speaker: Mitchell McGinty
Lab: Melanie Rutkowski
Title: Absence of TLR5 confers survival in mice bearing ovarian tumors treated with anti-PD-L1
3/30/22Speaker: Alexander Ball
Lab: Rebecca Pompano
Title: Influence of adjuvant drainage on dendritic cell subset activation
4/6/22Speaker: QinLei Gu
Lab: Ulrike Lorenz
Title: The role of tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1 in regulatory T cell function and immune tolerance
4/13/22Speaker: Maureen Cowan
Lab: Tajie Harris
Title: Microglial STAT1 signaling during CNS infection with Toxoplasma gondii
4/27/22Speaker: Jack Cronk
Lab: Michael Brown
Title: Licensed NK cell-mediated antiviral immunity via disparate Ly49 receptors counters MCMV gp34-mediated immune evasion
5/18/22Speaker: Jessica Annis
Lab: Michael Brown
Title: MHC-linked Cmv5s Alters Myeloid Cell Composition and Induces Tissue Damage in the Spleen during Acute Murine Cytomegalovirus Infection
5/25/22Speaker: Michael Kovacs
Lab: Tajie Harris
Title: The role of meningeal lymphatic drainage during Toxoplasma gondii brain infection