Fall 2021

9/27/21Speaker: Sujan Shresta, PhD
Seminar Title: Mechanisms Underlying Zika Virus-Dendritic Cell Interactions and Identification of a Zika Variant with Epidemic Potential
Host: Coleen McNamara
10/11/21Speaker: Ukpong Eyo, PhD
Seminar Title: Microglia Regulate Neuronal and Vascular Function
Host: Victor Engelhard
10/18/21Speaker: Anne Sperling, PhD
Seminar Title: Immune Responses in pulmonary fibrosis and lung injury
Host: Coleen McNamara
10/25/21Speaker: Jhansi Leslie, PhD
Seminar Title: Western diet increases severity of Clostridioides difficile infection via neutrophils
Host: Timothy Bullock
11/1/21Speaker: Andrew C. Dudley, PhD
Seminar Title: Vascular endothelium: a gateway and a highway during tumor progression
Host: Timothy Bullock
11/8/21Speaker: Carrie Cowardin, PhD
Seminar Title: Uncovering the Role of the Maternal Gut Microbiome in Child Growth and Immunity
Host: Coleen McNamara
11/15/21Carter Lecture:
Ananda Goldrath, Ph.D.
Lecture Title: Transcriptional regulation of CD8 T cell immunity to infections and malignancies
11/22/21Speaker: Kodi Ravichandran, BVSc, PhD
Seminar Title: The many facets of apoptosis and efferocytosis
Host: Timothy Bullock
12/6/21Speaker: Esther Lutgens, MD, PhD
Seminar Title: The immune checkpoint atlas of atherosclerosis: What to target when?
Host: Coleen McNamara
12/13/21Speaker: Ming Li, PhD
Seminar Title: Immunological Mechanisms of Cancer Defense
Host: Students

Spring 2022

1/24/22Speaker:Benjamin Ungar, MD
Seminar Title: Covid-19 in Atopic Dermatitis Patients
Host: William Petri
1/31/22Speaker: Alison Criss, PhD
Seminar Title: Manipulation of human innate immunity by Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Host: Timothy Bullock
2/7/22Speaker: Amanda Jamieson, PhD
Seminar Title: Mediating host tolerance and innate immune triage: The lung as a central regulator
Host: Sarah Ewald
2/14/22Speaker: Saskia Hemmers, PhD
Seminar Title: Novel facets of IL-1R family member biology in neuro-inflammation
Host: Sanja Arandjelovic
2/21/22Speaker: Makoto Inoue, PhD
Seminar Title: Impact of environmental and biological factors to multiple sclerosis disease in mice
Host: John Lukens
2/28/22Speaker: Keke Fairfax, PhD
Seminar Title: Unwinding the role of helminth antigen driven reprogramming in host immunity
Hosts: Sarah Ewald and Rebecca Pompano
3/7/22Speaker: Arif Yurdagul, Jr., PhD
Seminar Title: Nutrient Sensing of Apoptotic Cells by Macrophages Drives Inflammation Resolution
Host: Sanja Arandjelovic
3/14/22Speaker: Yury Miller, MD, PhD
Seminar Title: The Inflammaraft: Reprogramming of plasma membrane in macrophages and microglia
Host: Coleen McNamara
3/21/22Speaker: Rahul Sharma, PhD
Seminar Title: Alarmin in the pathogenesis and repair of acute kidney injury
Host: Timothy Bullock
3/28/22Speaker: Mariana Kaplan, MD
Seminar Title: Neutrophils in the pathogenesis of systemic autoimmune diseases
Host: Sanja Arandjelovic
4/8/22Speaker: Rebecca Obeng, MD, PhD
Seminar Title: Stem-like CD8 cells and the adaptive immune response in chronic diseases
Hosts: Dean Kedes and Sarah Ewald
5/2/22Speaker: Sergio Catz, PhD
Seminar Title: Mechanistic and translational approaches in neutrophil-mediated inflammation
Host: Sanja Arandjelovic