Fall 2017

DateCIC Seminar Series — Fall 2017
Sept 11Ziaur Rahman, MD, PhD
Pennsylvania State University
Seminar Title: Mechanisms of the dysregulated germinal center
response to mouse models of SLE
Host: Loren Erickson
Sept 18Sing Sing Way, MD, PhD
University of Cincinnati
Seminar Title: Immune pathogenesis of prenatal infection
Host: Ken Tung
Sept 25Joseph Craft, MD
Yale University
Seminar Title: Follicular Helper T Cells and Generation of
Productive B Cell Responses
Host: Tim Bender
Oct 23Sasha Krupnick, MD
University of Virginia
Seminar Title: Targeted Cytokine Delivery as an Improved Method of Immunotherapy
Host: Thomas Braciale
Oct 30Daved Fremont, PhD
Washington University
Seminar Title: Mechanisms of Viral Immune Evasion
Host: Sasha Krupnick
Nov 6Evan Lind, PhD
Oregon Health Sciences University
Seminar Title: The Immune Microenvironment in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Host: Loren Erickson
Nov 13Lawrence Lum, MD, DSC
University of Virginia
Seminar Title: In Situ Immunization with Bispecific Antibody Armed T-Cells (BATS) Vaccinates Patients Against Solid and Liquid Tumors
Host: Mike Brown
Nov 20James Carlyle, PhD
University of Toronto
Seminar title: Quest for prototypical NL1.1 (NKR-P1) ligands: A 40-year journey
Host: Mike Brown
Dec 4John Luckey, PhD
University of Virginia
Seminar title: Cytokine control of memory T cells and red blood cell alloimmunization
Host: Mike Brown
Dec 11Tania Watts, PhD
University of Toronto
Seminar Title: A post-priming checkpoint “signal 4” for T cell accumulation
Host: Mike brown

Spring 2018

DateCIC Seminar Series — Spring 2018
Jan 22Barbara Vilen, PhD
University of North Carolina
Seminar Title: Dying cells. lysosome dysfunction, and lupus
Host: Loren Erickson
Jan 29Sunny Shin, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
Seminar Title: Innate immune defense against intracellular bacterial pathogens
Host: Sarah Ewald
Feb 12Stephen Anderson, PhD
National Cancer Institute
Seminar Title: Tuning of the human NK cell activity by single nucleotide polymorphisms in the KIR and HLA genes
Host: Mike Brown
Mar 05Stephen Waggoner, PhD
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Seminar Title: Life Beyond Death: new roles for natural killers in health and disease
Host: Young Hahn
Mar 12Elizabeth Jacobsen, PhD
Mayo Clinic
Seminar Title: Recent Advances and Developments in Eosinophil Biology
Host: Sasha Krupnick
Mar 26Arash Grakoui, PhD.
Emory University
Seminar Title: “Host driven alteration in gut microbiota leads to intrahepatic immune patholgy
Host: Young Hahn
Apr 2tba
Apr 9Hongbo Chi, PhD
St. Jude Children’s Hospital
Seminar Title: Signaling circuits and systems biology in immune cell metabolic reprogramming
Host: Ulrike Lorenz
Arp 16Bhupal Ban, PhD
University of Virginia
Antibody Affinity Reagents, Recombinant and Viral Expression Systems: Challenges, Strategies,
and Innovations for the Basic Research and Therapeutic Applications”
Host: Loren Erickson
Apr 23Lee, Daniel W. (Trey), MD
University of Virginia
CAR T Cells Past and Present: The Final Frontier
Host: Mike Brown
Apr 30Carter Symposium
May 14Andrew Kau, MD, PhD
Washington University
Host: Students