Fall 2019

Aug. 26Speaker: Michael Stadnisky, PhD
CEO, Phitonex, Inc.
Seminar Title: Syzygy Forces: Using Immune Cell Networks to Reverse Immune Suppression in Spaceflight and Melanoma
Host: Timothy Bullock
Sept. 13Special BME/CIC Seminar
Speaker: Sai Reddy, PhD
ETH Zurich
Seminar Title: Encoding and decoding specificity in antibody repertoires by deep learning
Hosts: Thomas Barker and Victor Engelhard
Sept. 16Vijay Rathinam, DVM, PhD
University of Conneticut
Seminar Title: Innate Immune Surveillance of the Cytosol: Pyroptosis and Beyond
Host: John Lukens
Sept. 23Norbert Leitinger, PhD
University of Virginia
Seminar Title: Metabolic Adaption of Macrophages to Heme Detoxification
Host: Timothy Bullock
Sept. 30Nichol Holodick, PhD
Western Michigan University
Seminar Title: Aging of B-1a Cell Derived Natural Antibodies
Host: Coleen McNamara
Oct. 14Speaker: Irving Coy Allen, MBA, PhD
Virginia Tech
Seminar Title: Deploying Novel Tumor Ablation Strategies to Engage the Innate and Adaptive Immune Systems in the Fight Against Cancer
Host: Timothy Bullock
Oct. 28Speaker: Jeffrey Rathmell, PhD
Vanderbilt University
Seminar Title: Fueling T cells in inflammation and cancer
Host. Timothy Bullock
Nov. 4Speaker: Tullia Bruno, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Seminar Title: Distinct B cell signatures and tertiary lymphoid structures are driven by two etiologies in head and neck cancer
Host: Victor Engelhard
Nov. 11Speaker, Eric Long, PhD
Title: Contribution of NK cells to protection from malaria supported by in vitro assays and field studies
Host: Students
Nov. 18Speaker: Eva Frickel, PhD
Francis Crick Institute
Seminar Title: Immune-mediated control of Toxoplasma in human cells
Host: Sarah Ewald
Dec. 2Speaker: Hui Zong, PhD
Seminar Title: Cancer immunology at the unlikely place (brain) and time (premalignancy)
Host: Victor Engelhard
Dec. 9Eric Huseby, PhD
University of Massachusetts
Seminar Title: Neonatal T cell development
Host: Ulrike Lorenz
Dec. 16Speaker: Prajwal Gurung, PhD
University of Iowa
Seminar Title: RIPK2 in health and disease
Host: John Lukens

Jan. 13Speaker: Michael Abt, MD
Seminar Title: Immune-Microbiome Interactions Modulate Clostridium difficile Pathogenesis
Host: Students
Jan. 27Speaker: Leonid Margolis, PhD
Seminar Title: Extracellular Vesicles in Immunity to Viral Infection
Host: Rebecca Pompano
Feb. 3Speaker: Christopher Hunter, BSc, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
Seminar Title: Tracking host-pathogen interactions for Toxoplasma and Cryptosporidium
Host: William Petri
Feb. 10Ku-Lung (Ken) Hsu, PhD
University of Virginia
Seminar Title: Chemical Biology and Chemistry for Translational Lipid Biology and Beyond
Host: Victor Engelhard
Feb. 24Speaker: Bimal Desai, PhD
Seminar Title: Ion channels and Ca2+-signaling in Cell-Intrinsic Defenses
Host: Tim Bullock
Mar. 9Carter Lecture - David Raulet, PhD