Fall 2020

Sep. 14Speaker: Howard Young, PhD
Seminar Title: Chronic expression of interferon-gamma leads to murine autoimmune cholangitis with a female predominance
Host: Shu Man Fu and Joe Sung
Sep. 21Speaker: Leonid Pobezinsky, PhD
Seminar Title: MicroRNA let-7 controls the fate of differentiating CD8 T cells
Host: Ulrike Lorenz
Sep. 28Speaker: Bonnie Dittel, PhD
Seminar Title: Discovery of a new regulatory B cell subset and its potential as a cell therapy for autoimmunity
Host: John Lukens
Oct. 5Speaker: Coleen McNamara, MD
Seminar Title: B cells and Atherosclerosis
Host: Tim Bullock
Oct. 12Speaker: Michael "Rusty" Elliot, PhD
Seminar Title: Macrophage hypophagia in mAb-mediated cell clearance
Host: Tim Bullock
Oct. 19Speaker: Elizabeth Leadbetter, PhD
Seminar Title: iNKT cell dependent T-bet+ B cells accumulate in adipose tissue and exacerbate metabolic disease
Host: Loren Erickson
Oct. 26Speaker: Douglas Golenbock, MD
Seminar Title: IFN-epsilon enables infection with Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Host: John Lukens
Dec. 7Speaker: Sophie E. Acton, PhD
Seminar Title: Mechanisms and dynamics of lymph node remodeling
Host: Rebecca Pompano
Dec. 14Speaker: Sing Sing Way, MD, PhD
Seminar Title: Immune pathogenesis of prenatal infection
Host: Sepideh Dolatshahi

Spring 2021

Jan. 25Speaker: Sanja Arandjelovic, PhD
Seminar Title: Efferocytosis molecule ELMO1 in myeloid cells promotes joint and bone pathology
Host: Tim Bullock
Feb. 01Speaker: Sonia Sharma, PhD
Seminar Title: New Players in the cGAS-STING pathway of anti-tumor and anti-viral defense
Host: Coleen McNamara
Feb. 22Speaker: Jogender Tushir-Singh, PhD
Seminar Title: The Second coming of DR5 Therapeutics: An Immunoengineering Prospective
Host: Tim Bullock
Mar. 01Speaker: Sepideh Dolatshahi, PhD
Seminar Title: Systems Immunology at the Maternal-fetal Interface: Selective Transfer of Antibodies across the Placenta
Host: Tim Bullock
Mar. 08Speaker: Stephanie C. Eisenbarth, MD, PhD
Seminar Title: The unusual case of IgA to food: Tfh independence of antibodies in the gut
Host: Jim Zimring
Mar. 15Speaker: Amal Amer, MD, PhD
Seminar Title: The role of autophagy in Alzheimer's disease
Host: John Lukens
Mar. 22Speaker: Nitya Jain, PhD
Seminar Title: Early Life Immune Education by Gut Microbes
Host: Sarah Ewald
Apr. 05Speaker: Jie Sun, PhD
Seminar Title: Respiratory immunity and immunopathology: implications in COVID-19 and its sequelae
Host: Tom Braciale
Apr. 12Speaker: Barney Graham, MD, PhD
Seminar Title: Rapid (and Precise) COVID-19 Vaccine Development Enabled by Prototype Pathogen Preparedness
Host: Tom Braciale
Apr. 19Speaker: Paulo Rodriguez, PhD
Seminar Title: Restoring protective anti-tumor immunity by targeting central mediators of MDSC and T cell activities
Host: Melanie Rutkowski
Apr. 26Speaker: Catherine "Lynn" Hedrick, PhD
Seminar Title: Myeloid Cell Heterogeneity in Cancer
Host: Coleen McNamara
May 03Speaker: Michael Bassik, PhD
Seminar Title: Development of new CRISPR/Cas9-based tools to identify cancer drug targets and mechanisms of phagocytosis
Host: Sanja Arandjelovic