Fall 2020

Oct. 7Anthony Rodriguez
Engelhard Lab
title: Tumor-associated tertiary lymphoid structures: Novel targets for checkpoint immunotherapy
Oct. 14QinLei Gu
Lorenz Lab
title: The Role of the Tyrosine Phosphatase SHP-1 in Regulatory T cell Function and Immune Tolerance
Oct. 21Ashley Bolte
Lukens Lab
title: Meningeal lymphatic dysfunction exacerbates traumatic brain injury pathogenesis
Oct. 28Aaron Stevens
Bullock Lab
title: Antigen availability limits the T cell response to intracranial melanoma
Nov. 4Mirna Perusina-Lanfranca
Engelhard Lab
title: Role of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines, Pro-Angiogenic Factors and/or Normalization of Vasculature in T-Cell Trafficking into Tumors
Nov. 11Amanda Lulu
Engelhard Lab
title: Using T cell characteristics to infer the nature of exposures to cancer-expressed phosphopeptides in healthy donors and in patients
Dec. 9Mitchell McGinty
Rutkowski Lab
title: Absence of TLR5 confers survival in mice bearing ovarian tumors treated with anti-PD-L1

Spring 2021

Jan. 13Tzu Yu Feng (Alkaid)
Rutkowski Lab
title: Reciprocal interactions between the gut microbiome and tissue microenvironment promote distant regulation of tumor growth, metastasis, and response to therapy
Jan. 20Aimee Potter
Criss Lab
title: "Neisseria gonorrhoeae central metabolism and reciprocal host responses during neutrophilic inflammation"
Jan. 27Allie Donlan
Petri Lab
title: “IL-13 is a driver of severe COVID-19”
Feb. 3Marissa Gonzales
Bullock Lab
title: "Manipulating T Cell Function Through Elongation of the Mitochondrial Network"
Feb. 10Lyndsey Muehling
Woodfolk Lab
title: "Immune Monitoring of Viral Respiratory Infections: Identifying Protective and Pathogenic Cell Signatures"
Feb. 17Jelena Medved
Luckey Lab
title: "Immune responses to red blood cell alloimmunization"
Feb. 24Jhansi Leslie
Petri Lab
title: "A ‘Western’ diet Increases Severity of Clostridioides difficile Infection via Neutrophils"
Mar. 3Anupam Prakash
Luckey Lab
title: "Role of STAT6 in RBC alloimmunization"
Mar. 10Morgan Simpson
Petri Lab
title: "Investigating the Role of TLR2 in Exacerbation of C. difficile Colitis"
Mar. 17Shannon Kelley
Ravichandran Lab
title: " 'Braking Good': Inhibiting tyrosine phosphatase SHP-2 relieves a brake on efferocytosis"
Mar. 24Xiaoyu Zhao
Ewald Lab
title: "Toxoplasma gondii infection induces ASC-dependent inflammasome activation and host cell death in mouse dendritic cells"
Mar. 31Michael Kovacs
Harris Lab
title: “Lymphatic drainage of cerebrospinal fluid regulates T cell responses during Toxoplasma gondii brain infection”
Apr. 7Jack Cronk
Brown Lab
title: “Control of cytomegalovirus infection by self-MHC I receptors”
Apr. 14Jessica Annis
Brown Lab
title: "Cmv5s Confers MCMV Susceptibility Presenting with Necrotic Tissue Damage: Exploring Genetically-Driven Mechanisms of Inflammation and Antiviral Immunity"
Apr. 21Maureen Cowan
Harris Lab
title: "Microglial STAT1 Signaling in Neurotoxoplasmosis"
Apr. 28Abhinav Arneja
Luckey Lab
“Role of Liver-X-Receptor transcription factors in RBC alloimmunization”
May 5Lorenzo Ortiz
Brown Lab
title: "Genetics of TNF Receptors and Potential Role in Antiviral Immunity"
May 19Naomi Bryant
Woodfolk Lab
title: The Influence of Type 2 Inflammation on Pathogenic T Cell Response to Rhinovirus
June 2Iker Etchegaray
Ravichandran Lab
title: "Unexpected discovery of a local source of insulin in the eye that links to phagocytosis"